27 January 2010

IE8 patch for QTP 9.5 - Using Quick Test Professional 9.5 with Internet Explorer 8

Before i started writing my own blog, i spent hours over the internet googling about QTP 9.5's compatibility with Internet Explorer 8. All i got was that QTP 9.5 is not compatible with IE8 which ofcourse is a myth. People wrote about error in identifying objects in IE8 when using QTP 9.5. I have a solution for the compatibility issue.
All you need to do is to apply a patch.

Download Patch

Instructions on applying the patch

1. I assume you have QTP 9.5 installed in the default directories.
2. Extract all the files in the patch in C:\qtp95ie8patch
3. Run Install_QTP9.5Patches.bat from the directory.
4. Run QTP 9.5 and try identifying the objects in IE 8


  1. when i tried to run the patch it is saying that sleep is not recognised as internal or external command ......please help required


  2. You can do it manually the, its very simple -
    Go to "C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\dat"

    Rename the file FileDlgTitles.xml to FileDlgTitles_BCK.xml

    Again Go to "C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin"

    Rename ExceptMgr.dll to ExceptMgr_BCK.dll
    Rename WebKitIE.dll to WebKitIE_BCK.dll
    Rename WIAgentIE.dll to WIAgentIE_BCK.dll
    Rename WICommon.dll to WICommon_BCK.dll
    Rename WIPackage.dll to WIPackage_BCK.dll
    Rename WWWPackage.dll to WWWPackage_BCK.dll
    Rename AsmHook.dll to AsmHook_BCK.dll

    Go to "C:\qtp95ie8patch" and copy the listed files to "C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin"


    Also from "C:\qtp95ie8patch"
    copy FileDlgTitles.xml to "C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\dat"

  3. sirji i did all the above and i have ie7 but still qtp 9.5 did not recognize objects.

  4. You might want to disable the protected mode for this to work and in the worst case, just reinstall the IE 7 or migrate to IE 8. But this works for sure as i have tried this on XP, Vista and on multiple machines with different configurations . You must be missing a minor stuff somewhere.

  5. I tried this on Win 7 having IE8 but no luck..... I've executed all commands from bat file in command prompt and could see that files got renamed and dlls copied into respective folder. Is this really works for Win7/IE8 or something is missing in batch file

  6. Yes even i faced this issue on Vista....I finally had to reinstall QTP and try. Then it did work. I don't know if it lot to ask, just try reinstalling QTP. But first reinstall IE 8 and then install QTP 8. SOmetimes, even reinstalling IE8 works. There is no specific rule. But i am damn sure this works as it is working for me right now.

  7. Hi

    i have installed the patch is working almost fine.
    I am obliged to execute IE by QTP to have QTP recording event.
    Is there a way to let QTP record in any opened browser ?

  8. Upgrade to QTP 10 as u can use same license and it will work with IE 7/8 perfectly.

  9. Hi, I followed the instructions on your blog but when I opened qtp after installing the patch all of my browser repository objects were coming up as web elements and so prevented my test from running. I uninstalled the patch and the test is back to not working because of Ie8, but is there something else I can try?

  10. Hi Christine, I am not sure as to what you may be doing wrong in the whole process. I have this verified to be working on Windows XP and Windows Vista with QTP 9.5.

  11. Thank you Sir,
    I overcome from this problem by installing patch manually.

    Thank you Anunay Kumar,

  12. Thanks a lot Arunay Sir..Your solution worked perfectly for me..