26 June 2010

Buy Quick Test Professional Books at 30% discount

Although, i just write about QTP stuff which i keep doing in my free time and i thought of sharing some QTP resources which happen to be very costly as most of them are international buys. These are two really good books not available easily in the market and if you buy then online they come pretty costly -

 Rs 417 only 
Rs 333 only

The books mentioned above are indian editions as such they are not only cheap but also available at 30% discount at TradusBooks.in. I have myself ordered QTP Unplugged by Tarun Lalwani. This is a really nice book for any new QTP starter and also deals with concepts that are not explained on the web and in the QTP Tutorials/Help. I am not promoting these books in any way to make personal gains. You can read the reviews about these books especially QTP Unplugged on the web and then buy them. About, Tradus Books, it is a new website by IBIBO and hence they are offering these books at discount for a limited time.

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    Another book in the market..
    Technology Specific Guide for QTP is a new book that has got great feedback from all the readers. It will get you started on the path of automation, introducing solutions, roadblocks, patches and ideas that will give you a solid foundation in the field of automation. Everyone from a novice user to an automation expert will have something they would have never heard of or used.


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