23 April 2011

Dumps For HP AIS Certification (QuickTest Professional v10 and Quality Center v10) - HP0-M39 and HP0-M31

After a lot of searches on the internet, I finally succeeded in getting the latest dumps for the HP AIS Certification which you attain after completing HP0-M39 (QTP 10.0) and HP0-M31(QC 10.0) exams. The earlier version of HP AIS (with QTP 9.5 and QC 9.2) is no longer valid and you are required to upgrade to the new certification. This is a pre-requisite for the HP ASE certification. You do not get a free pass to the HP ASE certification with the older AIS certification and you are required to attain the newer AIS certification.

HP0-M39 Certification Questions

HP0-M31 Certification Questions

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